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Speaking from someone who has worked for a near minimum wage construction job, I know what it is like to be upset with low pay. However, we need to look at it from another perspective, one of a dynamic, not static economy. When you raise the minimum wage, for example to $15, you can expect the products that those employees produce to go up, way up. Employers will be forced to either cut back on employees hours, or to cut employees all together. The point of a minimum wage job is designed to be a living salary, however it is there to give the younger population a work ethic and skills necessary to make a higher salary in the future.

The way I see it, marijuana  has no lethal side effects and considering the fact that it is a near six billion dollar industry, It should be the state that gets a slice of the pie in taxing the product. So, yes, I am for legalization for two reasons, because of the revenue it could bring into the state, and for the argument that marijuana use (not any other drug) should be in the individual liberty of the citizen to do so.

I support the notion of lowering taxes of all classes. This draws back to a simple understanding of dynamic and static economies as I mentioned for minimum wage. As history has shown, when you have lower taxes, the economy grows. Many people call this the trickle down system. To grossly oversimplify the idea of a dynamic/static economy. Taking 100% of 100 dollars is the same of taking 1% of 10,000 dollars. In the long term, having lower taxes will grow the Kansas economy to the point where the lower tax revenue collected by the state will be near equal to the higher amount of taxes collected by the state previously. A good video explanation of the dynamic economy system is linked below, this video was provided by the Tax Foundation.

I support the notion of open carry and the right to carry on public property. My administration will not pursue any additional regulations to gun ownership.

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My name is Joseph Tutera. A 16 year old sophomore that is attending Rockhurst High School. I am running for governor for one very simple reason. A politician is the person that bring real, constructive  policy to a state that can move the economy forward. I want to be that person. If you see my age as a hinderance in my ability to govern, let me ask this, what has your government done for you, have your taxes gone down? have any social issues you care about been touched on? Most likely not, the incumbents in government have not done what is needed, and that is why I am running.